Bear Hunting

Hunting can be a family holiday, a group of guys, or one lone trophy hunter on the prowl! We have a very high success rate.

We have an excellent black bear population with colours ranging from a light beige to cinnamon, brown and black. We have even had a two-tone brown and beige taken at one time. We had a hunter photographing a white mother with two white cubs, and we had two 600 lb. blacks taken in the same year.

We offer spring and fall bear hunts. Rates available upon request.

Hunting Trip Checklist

  • licenses
  • hunting clothing (we suggest layered clothing)
  • if you are rifle hunting you must have a white, red or blaze orange jacket, hat. This is required by law
  • bug jacket, mosquito hat – face net
  • thermacell and refills
  • rain suit – rubber boots – hat – gloves
  • cover scent or lure of your choice
  • weapon of choice
  • ammunition
  • hunting knife / sharpener
  • protective case for weapons
  • tree stand safety harness if you prefer something other than factory stand harness
  • camera
  • personal care products including towels
  • sleeping bag and pillow
  • hunting boots, light shoes to wear around camp
  • fishing equipment for pike and walleye
  • personal toiletries
  • groceries

Any special requests must be ordered well within time of arrival